The Magazine Hotel Shortlist: best Hungarian meals and where to find them

When it comes to restaurants, albeit Budapest easily draws level with any European metropolis, the Hungarian capital’s homegrown gastronomy offers a genuine amalgam of old and new, where the innovation of local chefs meets the centuries-old tradition of national cuisine to provide a truly memorable experience. So, if you’re looking for some authentic goulash, stuffed peppers or spicy sausages with a little international twist, it’s guaranteed the following restaurants will not disappoint.


The Michelin-starred restaurant is situated only a few minutes walk away from St. Stephen’s Basilica. Winekitchen stands out with its exceptional wine list (more than 200 items) complete with a high-quality kitchen, lead by chef Ákos Sárközi.

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Adress: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 3.

Adress: V. Budapest, Hold utca 13. (Closed on Sundays!)

La Perle Noire

Situated on Andrássy Street, in the heart of the diplomatic quarter, the La Perle Noire has the city’s most enchanted patio. The restaurant, located in a Bauhaus style building, serving chef’s creative European cuisine drawing upon French and Hungarian traditions.

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Adress: 1063, Budapest, Andrássy út 111.

Mák Bistro

The bistro attracted the New York Times’ attention with its efforts to mix elements of home cooking with that of the most revered culinary arts. On the Mák bistro’s menu there is space for home-baked bread and butter as well as a six-course, degustation meal to coexist, essentially making the restaurant a collective gastronomical experiment.

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Adress:1051, Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc utca 4.

Bock Bisztró

Bock Bistro specialises in Hungarian-inspired dishes fused with Spanish tapas. Famous for its superb wine list and friendly atmosphere, you can find the most famous Hungarian meals such as traditional pork goulash, cold goose liver or the Eszterházy cake on their menu.

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Adress: 1073, Budapest Erzsébet körút 43-49.

Downtown market in Hold Street

As one of Budapest’s time-honored marketplaces, it’s not only teeming with fresh produce during the day but with its many stands constitutes a veritable gastronomical oasis. If it’s a really good lángos or roast meat you desire, no need to look further. We highly recommend trying Lakatos Műhely’s daily menu and homemade sausages!

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Adress: V. Budapest, Hold utca 13. (Closed on Sundays!)

Klikk Bistrobar

Located on Király street, the artery of Budapest nightlife, the bar’s an ideal choice to start off an unforgettable night. In addition to its countless drink specialities, the breadth and range of the Klikk’s menu is far beyond the usual street food the Gozsdu court has to offer, including many simple but great Hungarian dishes. Open every day, it is the ideal place to grab a bite during your sight seeing, or to pop in for after work cocktails, but don’t be surprised if the drink will turn into dinner and even a late night party with live DJ sets.

Adress: Gozsdu court –  Király utca 13.

Belvárosi Disznótoros

This is Hungary’s answer to fast food restaurants. Locals and tourists stand in lines at noon to get their authentic lunch, fresh lamb, chicken, pork or beef chops with salads, fried potatoes and pickles. They offer the classics like traditional Hungarian sausages, black pudding, but you can also find grilled chicken, crispy duck legs, a dozen of pre-marinated meats.

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Adress: 1075, Budapest, Király utca 1.

Opening photo by: Lakatos Műhely


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