Our favourite minimalist coffee shops in downtown Budapest

Whether it’s a good morning americano, an after-lunch flat white or an early evening latte, Budapest has a brisk answer for you: here are the best places for those who would like to have a good coffee in the capital.

Fekete // Múzeum körút 5. (in the courtyard)

Múzeum Körút is located near Astoria, where Fekete (means Black) is found, in the antiquity neighbourhood. Don’t be fooled by the tiny coffeeshop with the same banner on the streetfront, Fekete’s greatest strength – beyond the very nice staff – is undoubtedly the cool, cobbled inner courtyard, locking out the city noise, and offering a perfect urban terrace experience with antique gargoyles. The interior of Fekete does not differ much from those new wave units in western cities and their university districts, but the formula works perfectly in the reality of Pest.

My Little Melbourne // Madách Imre út 3.

Madách Square can be tricky with all the very similar hipster places around, but My Little Melbourne is lucky enough to emerging from them. As the sole Hungarian retailer of the specialty coffee of British Workshop Coffee Co, there is no way to complain about My Little Melbourne. There is also a themed brew bar next door, it’s worth a visit as well.

Lumen // Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2-3.

From the 2017 summer season moving back to the original place on Mikszáth Square, Lumen is waiting everyone with the good old coffee and the hospitality people of Budapest know. Praised by the BBC as well, Lumen is – with an all-white all-wood look – a great caffeine source, where excellent wines are also available if someone is wishing a more interesting summer evening.

Espresso Embassy // Arany János utca 15.

Visited mainly by the clerks and officials of the bank district, Espresso Embassy is still the best place to give us short, spicy and very strong coffees on the hardest days. Espresso Embassy also hosts a variety of workshops, and even has regular barista trainings.

Madal // Alkotmány utca 4. or Ferenciek tere 3.

Madal is one of the constant focal points of the heart of downtown Budapest, making it difficult to compete with its awesome coffee. The unit – running with the buzzwords of espresso and brew bar – has a visual mixed by glossy with natural, and even though the bartenders are sometimes too scenical for the work behind the counter, we recommend their coffee for any taste.


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