Do as the locals do – the best waterfront locations in Budapest

Spring has officially arrived in Budapest, so we gathered the most enchanting outdoor venues, that, throughout the years, have remained hidden from tourists. Here are four destinations, which are ideal to make the first alfresco toast of the season.

Római shore

Situated only 30 minutes from the city center, in Óbuda, are the lovely banks of the Danube, where, in addition to the ruins of an onetime Roman garrison, there are a great number of restaurants opening for the period between april and october. We highly recommend the Fellini Bistro, known for its stock of craft beers and their next door neighbor, the family friendly Nap Bácsi.

Kopaszi Dam

Located on the Buda side of the Rákóczi bridge, the Danube gulf is one of the capital’s recently regenerated areas. Budapest’, perhaps, most orderly public park is a perfect choice for those who’d like to picnic on the lush green lawn or observe the lifestyle of Hungary’s duck population. Fortunately the dam has several restaurants and cafes and ,in addition to its own paring spaces, it’s easily accessible by bike or public transportation.

Feneketlen-tó / Bottomless lake

Buda’s largest artificial lake, encircled by old-growth trees, functions as a family playground during the day, while by night you’ll find the local youth passing time on the piers. The lake has its own fountain and on the shore stands the decades old Hemingway restaurant, also there is a tennis court a few minutes’ walk away.

Valyo Guerilla Grill

Not far from the Liberty bridge, installed on the Buda embankments is this minimalistic concrete grill opening an exceptional window on the city’s nightlife. The guerilla grill is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals, often hosting both organized events and spontaneous get-togethers on the billowy shore.


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